ABOUT MARC DAUER, MD – Hair Transplant Surgeon in Los Angeles

marc-dauer-hair-restoration Marc Dauer, MD, located in Los Angelesis a leader in permanent hair restoration and hair transplants utilizing Follicular Unit Transplantation to achieve the most natural results possible. Dr. Dauer graduated with honors from New York Medical College and trained in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery at UCLA Medical Center. He subsequently received special training in Hair Restoration and has been a published author in numerous medical publications. Dr. Dauer is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and a member  of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Dauer is a teaching faculty member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and routinely conducts teaching conferences around the world instructing physicians in the art of Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation.

Each and every hair restoration consultation and transplant procedure is performed personally by Dr. Marc Dauer and his highly trained medical staff.

Our Hair Restoration Practice

In our hair restoration practice we deal exclusively with Hair and Eyebrow Transplants. For each patient that presents to us for hair transplants, our goal is to achieve complete naturalness with as much density as possible. We feel these two goals are best achieved when the treatment plan is individualized for each hair loss patient. There are a host of factors that must be taken into account with each hair restoration patient before formulating the best treatment plan. Some of the more important factors are: the patient’s age, the hair-to-skin color contrast, the caliber of the hair, the character of the hair, the patient’s goals for styling, and, perhaps most important, the ratio of available donor hair in relation to the transplant recipient area in need of coverage. The most important thing is to always do what’s best for the patient.

How Many Hair Transplant Sessions are needed?

With rare exceptions, the hair transplant process usually takes 1-3 sessions to achieve excellent results. There are some who are very pleased with fewer sessions, especially those who have some pre-existing hair on top to go with the transplanted hair. We believe there are several good reasons to accomplish a patient’s transplant over time in 1-3 sessions:

a) Such an approach respects the blood supply of the scalp, leaving some space for blood to reach all the
grafts planted, with a resultant high-percentage yield of survival for those hairs.
b) The hair transplant surgeon can be more artistic, similar to a painter, who goes back to his easel
repeatedly, making artistic “touches” to his work as he views it unfolding.
c) Gradients of density can more easily be created. In our transplanting, we try to reproduce a pattern
of hair that could be naturally seen on someone’s head, such as in a man who is only starting to thin
in the crown or the crease areas.
d) Hair survival percentages are very high. Most studies suggest that the Follicular Unit type of graft more
consistently survives in the 90% range, and can be an important contributor for later density.
e) There is less risk for a wide donor scar. By limiting the width of the donor strip, and then
going to whatever length is necessary for that session, and spacing the sessions at least several
months apart, the scalp in the donor area once again becomes lax. In this way, the hair in the next
procedure is obtained from around the old scar, with a single thin scar resulting at the end of the
1-3 procedures. We feel that trying to obtain more than 3000 FU’s at a single session requires a much
wider strip and carries with it the risk for a wide scar later on.

Importance of Hairline in Hair Transplants

From the beginning, we focus on creating a completely natural hairline for the hair loss patient. At each hair transplant session “follicular unit grafts” are placed along the hairline in a natural, undetectable, random pattern. 1-hair FU’s are always placed at the frontal hairline, quickly giving way to 2-hair, and then 3-hair FU’s as you move back into the scalp, so as to effect a graded, natural density to the hairline. We give the same attention to the other visible locations of the scalp, namely the crown and the two “crease” areas. If there is a natural whirl present, we follow the pattern that exists, so as to complement nature. These other areas often become critically important later in life, should the hair in that area thin or recede. In all these areas we believe it is best to use only “follicular unit” grafts, in order to preserve a natural appearance.

Doctor-Patient Relationship

The relationship between Dr. Dauer and his hair transplant patients is one in which there is a maximum opportunity for communication. Knowing what the patient is thinking and desires, is the key to a satisfied patient. Making a sale or scheduling a surgery is not our goal or priority. Establishing an open, trusting relationship for life between doctor and patient is what is most important. Follow-up calls and visits are always welcome. Direct access to Dr. Dauer, either by phone, e-mail, or in person, is always available.

Conservative Planning

We are somewhat conservative in our planning approach. We always anticipate that baldness is a relentlessly progressive condition that goes on to some extent as long as you live. Because of this, we plan your transplant design in such a way that it will look good not only in the next few years, but also into your older years as well. Each person has a finite amount of donor hair available, so it is very important that every graft is utilized in the most appropriate and effective manner.

Care should be taken in choosing a hair transplant surgeon. Above everything, what you should be looking for is an artist – someone whom you will entrust with the all-important task of creating a natural appearing head of hair that will endure for your lifetime. Everything we do – the time and care with which we approach each procedure at our office – is geared toward creating a natural result that is both priceless and timeless.

Our Office

Our office is set up to create maximum comfort for you the patient. We have satellite TV and flat screens in our procedure rooms, as well as a large movie library to keep you entertained during your procedure. In addition, we serve all our patients lunch, and can cater to all your special dietary needs. Our goal is to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.