Hair Loss Surgery Beverly Hills, CA

Consider Hair Loss Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA for Achieving a Younger Look

Hair Loss Surgery Beverly Hills, CAHair loss surgery in Beverly Hills, CA has become increasingly popular thanks in large part to advances in medical treatments. Marc Dauer, M.D. or Dauer Hair Restoration is a leader in these developments. When performing hair loss surgery on patients, the treatments are done in our state-of-the-art Beverly Hills, CA office. This means that patients do not have to check into a hospital which can be costly and be uncomfortable. Our office is clean and our friendly staff is welcoming to new and existing patients. Give us a call to schedule an exam to learn more about how hair loss surgery may be right for you.

Cutting Edge Technology

Though the hair loss surgery performed in our Beverly Hills, CA office uses cutting edge technology to achieve superb results, the equipment and techniques used are highly tested and proven to be safe and effective. Tens of thousands of patients continue to enjoy a fuller and richer head of hair. Results are permanent, which is a great advantage over traditional hair pieces which are also awkward to wear, expensive, and not always natural looking. In fact, the hair loss surgery method we use takes advantage of the patient’s own hair. This means that the chance of the body rejecting the transplanted hair follicles is very low. It also results in a natural look because the grafted hair, and the new hair that results, is the patient’s own hair. The style, color, thickness of each matches which adds to the natural look. And unlike a hair piece, results from hair loss surgery performed in Beverly Hills, CA are permanent for our patients.

Methods of Harvesting the Patient’s Hair Follicles

As mentioned, the hair loss surgery we provide in Beverly Hills, CA takes advantage of the patient’s healthy hair follicles to generate new hair growth. There are two main methods of harvesting the patient’s hair follicles: hair transplantation using a “strip” which is referred to as FUT and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The FUT Method

Using the FUT method, the hair loss surgery performed at our Beverly Hills, CA is as follows:

  •         A very small section of the patient’s scalp is removed using a scalpel.
  •         That scalp area is then closed with either staples or sutures. Every effort is made to reduce the likelihood of leaving a scar. Primarily, only a certain number of follicles are removed from the same area during the same procedure.
  •         The hair follicle grafts are transplanted into small slits that the doctor has placed in the predetermined recipient locations on the scalp. These are based on where hair density is most needed and will be natural looking.

The FUE Method

Using this method for hair loss surgery, our doctor in Beverly Hills, CA will use a specially developed FUE device to harvest hair grafts. More grafts can be transplanted at a time using this procedure as compared to the FUT method. There is also less risk that the patient will have a residual linear donor scar. Because there is no surgical cutting of the scalp, there is no need for staples or sutures after the grafts have been harvested. Recovery time is typically faster than when patients undergo hair loss surgery in Beverly Hills, CA using the FUT method.

To learn which method of hair loss surgery may be right for you, schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills, CA office.