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“I went to Dr. Dauer in June of 2014. I had two previous transplants by another doctor and decided to change to Dr. Dauer. My front hairline had some “pitting” and it looked like I had a transplant done. After Dr. Dauer, my hairline looked natural and he thickened other areas that needed it. I even interviewed with two other hair transplant doctors, just to explore my options. I went with Dr. Dauer for two reasons. The pictures of his previous clients looked the most natural AND he wasn’t trying to add too many grafts in order to make more money. He simply did the right amount for my head and hairline. The proof was in my before and after pictures. His pricing was the most reasonable too. Plus his bedside manner was excellent! A super cool guy!”



“I can’t believe how pleasant, easy, simple, and enjoyable this entire experience has been. Dr. Dauer is approachable, professional, articulate, honest, and joyful. Its obvious that he is passionate about his practice, and committed to his patients success. I couldn’t be more happy with my result. It has exceeded my expectations. If you are on the fence regarding a hair transplant, wondering if its medically messy, or something to endure, its not. It will be one of your best decisions you can make for yourself. Made so, because of the professional expertise of Dr. Dauer and his staff. You have no need to concern yourself with being pressured into something, or hassled into quick decisions. Dr. Dauer is completely professional and will set you at ease. It will be like talking to a friend.”

– Rob


“Dr. Dauer has dramatically advanced both the “state” and the “art” in state-of-the-art hair restoration.  His F.U..E. procedure allowed him to utilize hair from my beard to cover an area of my scalp once no more donor hair existed.  The results of a single session were excellent.  Several other surgeons had told me there was nothing they could do.  Dr. Dauer rocks!”

Blaine Lentz

“I had a very positive experience with Dr. Dauer. He underpromises and overdelivers, and always does what is in the best interest of the patient versus some other doctors who play games to increase their profit. When you meet him, you can tell he is passionate about what he does; a way for him to balance his artistic side with medicine. He also takes the time to answer questions and explain why he does things a certain way. I was someone who was not happy about my hair loss but did not think I would get a hair transplant, which led me to put it off for a long time. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Dauer. The results turned out great and I would highly recommend him to others.”
~ S.N.


When I was a kid I had the most perfect thick eyebrows.  But over the years, I slowly over plucked them.  Once I realized that I barely had any eyebrows left and the thin eyebrow trend of the 90s was gone… I tried everything to make them regrow.  Unfortunately, they did not.  My whole face changed by not having much eyebrow hair.  I thought my only option was to draw them in.  I don’t wear much makeup on my face and it would take me 15 minutes each morning just to draw in my eyebrows.  I was getting sick of it.  So I looked into other options to get them to grow back.  I did tons of research on eyebrow transplants and it kept brining me back to Dr. Dauer.   I went in for my consult and was immediately put at ease.  He knew exactly what I was going through and I felt confident he would be able to bring back my eyebrows, in the shape that was meant for my face.  I had the procedure and they grew in perfectly ! It has literally changed my whole face and now I barely have to put any makeup on.  Having the procedure was the best thing I did and I wouldn’t have had anyone else do it.   I decided a few years later that I wanted even more hair and opted for a second procedure.  Of course I saw Dr. Dauer again and I am so happy I did ! He made them thicker and fuller than before.  People don’t realize how important eyebrows are for your appearance, Dr. Dauer does and he makes the whole experience as comfortable as possible and really knows his stuff.  It’s your face, it’s important to go to someone who knows what their doing and takes it seriously.



“Let me start by saying that this was the second eyebrow procedure I had done and I am so happy to have found Dr. Dauer for this second procedure.
Originally, I had plucked my eyebrows quite thin and had them tatooed two different times. I had some bare spots in my eyebrows that would not grow back and decided to have these spots filled in with an eyebrow transplant instead of tatooing again (since the tatoos tend to turn orange and fade away). I also had an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink the last time my eyebrows were tatooed.

The doctor I chose for my first procedure was a well-known doctor in the area and had also done a great hair transplant on my brother. His eyebrow pictures looked good and his prices were good, so I decided to go to him for a patch job on my eyebrows …. not a full set of thick eyebrows at that time.

During the first procedure I had the strip method done. The doctor for the first procedure did not give me enough Valium during the procedure .. I asked for more Valium later in the procedure when the eyebrow hairs were going to be placed and the doctor said he wanted me to be awake while they were filling in the eyebrows ..(I never fell asleep when he originally gave me Valium earlier in the day). This was quite an unpleasant experience for me and more Valium would have made for a much more pleasant experience.

I went home and recovered. On Day 3 of my recovery the doctor had me wash my eyebrows … big mistake! A chunk of the transplanted hair came out. I called the doctor’s office immediately. The doctor’s office assured me that the hair might still grow back and we needed a year to see ….. I was very skeptical of this and did not believe this hair was coming back, which it never did.

I still was not happy with my eyebrows and did not want to go back to that doctor to have any procedure done. It took me years to muster up the courage to have another surgery and I was only hopeful to do so when I saw Dr. Dauer’s reviews and his eyebrow photos, which looked better than any eyebrow transplant photos I had ever seen before.
I went to Dr. Dauer’s office for a consultation and he let me know that he never lets his patients touch their eyebrows until Day 8 of recovery because if transplanted hairs come out too quickly, they will not grow back. He also assured me that he would give me enough Valium to keep me comfortable. Dr. Dauer let me know he has had over 20 years experience in doing eyebrows and does at least three to four eyebrow transplant procedures per week.
I decided to go with Dr. Dauer and have him fill out my thin eyebrows versus just having a patch job on my eyebrows. I opted for the FUE procedure – less pain and easier recovery.

I brought Dr. Dauer several photos depicting the general eyebrow shape I was interested in. Even though I told him I had no idea what I was doing, Dr. Dauer gave me a chance to pencil in the shape I wanted my eyebrows to be. When it was obvious I couldn’t draw the proper shape I wanted for my eyebrows Dr. Dauer graciously took over and drew in the eyebrow shape to my satisfaction. Also, once doctor Dr. Dauer saw the eyebrow shape I wanted on the day of surgery, he put in quite a few more grafts than we had spoken about putting in at the consultation (no extra charge). The procedure went well. Dr. Daeur gave me plenty of Valium and kept me completely comfortable throughout the surgery.

Overall, recovery went well. After two weeks my eyebrow hairs started to fall out. I had a bit of redness around the eyebrow area which lasted about a month … totally normal for some people. I bought a natural eyebrow makeup containing no chemicals or preservatives from Coastal Classic Creations to fill in my eyebrows during this time. My eyebrows looked fine going out in public with the makeup, even with the bit of redness I experienced.

After about six or eight weeks my eyebrow hairs started to grow back and were mostly in by five or six months. I had a few bare spots at six months that were mostly covered over by nine months because the eyebrow hairs continued to thicken. I used Dr. Dauer’s suggested method to have the eyebrows grow in flatter instead of straight out and this method worked well.

I am very happy with the final result of my eyebrows and would highly recommend Dr. Dauer and his staff for an eyebrow transplant.”



“I want to thank Dr. Dauer and his staff for their professionalism and making me feel so comfortable. I was so surprised to find how easy the procedure was. First the deadening — pretty easy I’m scared of needles, then the procedure — took all day watched TV and talked to the nurses and when the Novocain wore off the area was sore but no real pain. On my drive home — 250 miles — I took two Advil. That was the only pain medicine I took. The two week care for the incision and the transplant area is easy. I was out and about the first week. Again, thank you and I am looking forward to my new hair. I stopped procrastinating and DID IT. I’m very proud of myself.”
~ Margo Miner

“I highly recommend Dr. Dauer! His work is excellent, his knowledge extensive, his advice is right-on and honest, and he is a personable, friendly human being. My initial reason for consulting him was to ask about the possibility of covering bald spots behind my ears, as well as a scar at the hairline, left by a rough, careless cosmetic surgeon after a face lift. Dr. Dauer felt confident he could help, but also recommended lowering the hairline at my forehead as well. It’s funny how the effects of age creep up slowly, so much so that I did not even noticed my hairline had receded until he pointed it out. I went for it all, and got great results. The bald spots behind my ears have filled in, the unsightly scar at the forehead is not noticeable, and I am most happy with the dropped hairline, which makes me look younger and gives the illusion of a thicker, fuller head of hair. The procedure took all day, and although I remained awake I never felt a thing. Dr. Dauer is an expert in knowing exactly how much pain medication to administer. Unfortunately, he was not the first hair transplant doctor I had visited. Approximately eight years earlier another Doctor operated on me and it was truly a horror story. He did not give me the correct dose of pain medication and I experienced the pain of being scalped alive. He failed to cover the scar on my forehead, and his work was just plain sloppy. I am grateful to Dr. Dauer for his professionalism, as well as for sites like Yelp that make it possible for consumers to help each other find the best and avoid the rest.”


“My intital consultation with Dr. Dauer was very comprehensive, and relieved any reservations I had about undergoing the procedure. No more than a week after the consult I was in Dr. Dauer’s office ready to begin a new life with hair.

During the procedure I was very comfortable and felt nothing but minor pressure. Dr. Dauer and his wonderful staff made sure I was completely aware of every step during the procedure. The time passed quickly with the beautiful view of the Los Angeles skyline out of the office window, and the entertaining conversation with Dr. Dauer and his friendly staff.”

After the procedure was completed, and it seemed like no time at all, I drove myself home.The first night I only had to take Tylenol, because there was virtually no pain. Two months later, I was already getting compliments on my new look. Coworkers are telling me my hair looks thicker and fuller.

Once again I want to thank Dr. Dauer and his staff for their fine care, and giving me back my confidence.”

~ Dwayne Pine


“My eyebrow hair transplant surgery consisted of one positive experience after another. In many ways, I was treated like a valuable client and not a patient. When I initially contacted Dr. Dauer’s office I was surprised to find that Dr. Dauer himself was willing to talk to me about the procedure. During my consultation, I realized immediately that I had found the right man for the job. Dr. Dauer showed a genuine interest in my concerns and gave me his personal e-mail address so that I could contact him directly if I had any questions – find me another doctor who does that! I was also surprised by the hospitable nature of Dr. Dauer and his staff. During my procedure, I was given access to Netflix and hundreds of T.V. channels while I was served lunch at Dr. Dauer’s expense. For the first in my life, a doctor made me feel appreciated and respected; I wasn’t just a number or a routine.

It has been 8 months since my procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My eyebrows now have a natural, full shape and have drastically changed my appearance, giving me a boost in confidence. In fact, I am so pleased with the results that I scheduled a second procedure, which I have absolutely zero anxiety about because my first experience was so positive and because I now know that the surgery is virtually pain free.

Surgery can be scary, especially a cosmetic one, but getting my hair transplant with Dr. Dauer is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you Dr. Dauer!”

Studio City, CA


I am writing this letter to tell you how much I appreciate the job you did on my hair transplant procedure. This was my third transplant, one in Washington, D.C., and another here in Los Angeles. On a scale of one to ten I would give both of those procedures a 3 and you a perfect ten. I can not express to you my gratitude. You are a excellent Doctor Sir and your staff is outstanding. I would like everyone to know that I felt like the most important patient in the world while in your care. I was so impressed with the attention you personally gave to me. My recovery was nearly pain free and the procedure itself was as simple as I could have ever imagined.

I will recommend you to all of my friends, family, and co-workers. Please let me know if there is anything more than this letter I can do to show my appreciation and gratitude. Thank you and God Bless.”

~ Sincerely, Jim D. Klock

“I am so glad I was referred to Dr. Dauer! He did a terrific job in transplanting hair into old surgical scars on the head which had been bothering me for years. The scars are no longer visible. In addition to his expertise in hair transplantation, Dr. Dauer is also a caring and attentive physician. I immediately felt comfortable with him when we met for my consultation. He thoroughly addressed all of my questions and concerns. I left his office with the confidence that Dr. Dauer was the right doctor for me. It has been almost two years since my procedure and I have been thrilled with the result. I feel tremendous gratitude to Dauer. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dauer to anyone who is considering hair transplantation- he is at the top of his field.”

~ Suzanne

“I’m doing very well, thank you. Dr Dauer was fantastic, and took such good care of me. It’s so nice to have eyebrows, wow! I would have done it years ago if I had known about the procedure. Everything is healing nicely, no infection or problems.”

Thank you again! S.D.

My experience with Dr. Dauer and his team was outstanding and I am very pleased with my FUE hair transplant results. He did an incredible job of doing my hair transplant procedure with medical skill combined with an artistic sense that has not only given me great results, but results that look natural. Before doing my hair transplant with Dr. Dauer, I had consultations with other doctors also, but I found Dr. Dauer to be the most open and transparent. From my own personal experience, he is a doctor who will give you the advice that is indeed best for you. Dr. Dauer definitely places the patient’s interest above all during each step of the process, from the consultation to post procedure. Also, during the procedure itself, there was only minor discomfort and I did not need to use any pain medication during the post stage.
If you are an individual who is researching hair transplant procedures and doctors, particularly the FUE procedure, I hope you come across my experience of having FUE done with Dr. Dauer. When I was doing my research, I did not come across many discussions on FUE and I did not completely understand it either until my consultation with Dr. Dauer. My discussion with him about FUE helped me better understand the procedure along with how it was a very good option for me. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Dr. Dauer, get guidance from him on hair transplantation, and have the procedure done by him.



“Last year, I had an eyebrow transplant procedure with Dr. Dauer, and I couldn’t be more satisfied! I had done a lot of over-plucking ever since high school, and I was literally left with barely any eyebrows. They refused to grow back, and I constantly had to color them in, and I hated how that looked.

I did a lot of research on the procedure itself, and on the different doctors that perform such a procedure (the procedure isn’t common in the least, so there are very few qualified doctors for the job).

After a few consultations with different doctors, I decided to give Dr. Dauer a shot. I am so glad I did. The procedure isn’t easy, it takes all day, and it hurts like a bitch (my pain threshold isn’t that high), but is was so worth it! Now a year later, I have full, beautiful eyebrows that I’ve wanted ever since I can remember!

Not to mention, of all the doctors I have ever met in all my 30 years, Dr. Dauer is by far the nicest, kindest, most caring, sweet doctor ever. No joke, he has the best bedside manner you can fathom, and just emanates warmth. You know he truly cares. He was always available to speak with me when I had questions, he always listened to my concerns, and he even allowed my e-mailing him and always responded with quickness, which we all know is beyond rare amongst doctors.

All in all, my experience was excellent, and I would recommend Dr. Dauer to anyone and everyone looking to have some natural, beautiful eyebrows like me!

Thanks Dr. Dauer!!!!!!!”



“Everything went great! Dr. Dauer and his staff are amazing. Thank you so much. ”

“I would like to express my gratitude to you for your amazing work in restoring my hair. I was very apprehensive prior to having my Hair Transplant, but you and your staff made me feel so comfortable it took away all my fears related to the procedure. The procedure itself was minimally uncomfortable and the conversation with you and your staff was very entertaining. Not to mention, it was good to catch up on some movies that I hadn’t yet gotten a chance to see. Now that my new hair has grown in I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to have this done. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. Thank you again for all!”


“I had been thinking about getting eyebrow transplant for years. I visited multiple transplant specialists, including the famous Bosley, but chose to go with Dr. Dauer because he made me feel so comfortable. He explained everything in detail and I was highly impressed by his professional demeanor. Dr. Dauer and his office staff are all absolutely amazing. He is a perfectionist, so you know that your transplanted hairs are going to be placed perfectly. He’s gentle and caring. The procedure itself is pretty painless and the recovery period is short and almost completely pain free. _____________________________________________________

“I had my first eyebrow transplant with Dr. Dauer last year. The results were amazing! In a 3 month period, my brows went from non-existent to absolutely full and just gorgeous. The results were so great, that I actually went in for a second transplant about a month ago, only to make my brows even more fuller and thicker. I’m now awaiting for the second set of transplanted hairs to grow in. I already get complements on my brows on a daily basis and can’t wait for the second set of hairs to grow in!!!

I highly recommend Dr. Dauer for any hair transplantation! ”



“I was never happy with my natural eyebrows they where far too light and you couldn’t even apreciate them and In pictures they would simply disappear with the flash of the camera and that made me really insecure and unhappy, I have very bad OCD and When I started to consider eyebrow implant I knew it had to be perfect other ways it was only going to make me even more unconfortable and discontented so I started to research for several doctors in the field, Dr. Dauer was without a question the best one and with more experience than any other I found online so I decided to trust him with my procedure, and I couldn’t be happier with the results are so incredible and it was like magic paynlessly and even fun the staff at the office are wonderfully warm to you and you just feel like you’re home, the procedure was simply perfect and the recuperation period was soo short and I didn’t have to deal with my OCD because it looked just as I was born like that, finding Dr. Dauer was the best thing that couldn’t happen in my life now I look great not only in pictures with my friends but also incredibly good in person I have no longer insecurities and my self esteem is better than ever.
Thank you Dr. Dauer and staff. “


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