Here is a patient of mine who had multiple old hair transplants harvested via FUT from another surgeon. He has a severe form of hairloss (norwood 6) and the surgeon gave him a very aggressive hairline (which is why I always do a more conservative hairline in younger patients). His results ended up being very unnatural with massive hairloss happening behind the hairline. The gap between the hair on the bottom sides and the bald areas on top (the alleys as I call them), is a give away for a hair transplant. Also because he had extensive scarring from his previous procedures he had very little donor hair left in the back. I harvested 1613 grafts via FUE primarily from the sides which still had decent density and transplanted extensively into the alleys and the mid scalp and crown. The results are impressive and much more natural than before. Also we are going to do another procedure in the future using neck beard hair, which will also increase the density even more. The patient is thrilled.

Marc Dauer, MD

hair transplant repair photos

hair transplant repair by Dr. Marc Dauer