Here is a patient of mine who had a Mohs surgery to excise a basal cell lesion in the scalp. It unfortunately resulted in a large scar in the frontal scalp and when the operating surgeon attempted to minimize the scar it actually got significantly worse.

The patient presented to me extremely depressed over the large scalp defect just behind her hairline. I transplanted approximately 1000 FUE grafts in two procedures spaced 8 months apart.

The patient is thrilled with her results and this has been a life changer for her. She can now style her hair normally and go out without fear of a heavy wind exposing a large bald patch in the front.

I am often asked if hair can be transplanted into scars and the answer is yes. There is a lower growth rate through scars and we are not able to transplant as dense in a single procedure due to the compromised blood supply, but when performed correctly these cases can be very successful.

Marc Dauer, M.D.

FUE hair transplant into scalp scar