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Hair Restoration FAQ

hair restoration surgeon Beverly Hills, CA Generally, the most optimal way to find the right hair restoration surgeon near Beverly Hills, CA is through a referral, either from another patient or a physician. It is critical to view as many sets of before and after photos taken at the same angle, with the same background, and the same lighting. Additionally, make sure that you view photographs of both the donor and recipient areas. Confirm that the specific surgeon performing your procedure is the same one who is responsible for the results in the photos that you view. These specifications help establish the authenticity of the before and after photos and, therefore, the artistic finesse of the hair restoration surgeon as. Be chary of any hair restoration surgeon near Beverly Hills, CA that spends a lot of funding on aggressive marketing campaigns, rather than on patient care. Furthermore, it is imperative that you meet with the actual hair transplant surgeon that will be performing your procedure on the day of your initial consultation.

What is the difference between F.U.T and F.U.E? How Do I Know Which Method is Right for Me?

Follicular Unit Transplantation is the technique of permanent surgical hair restoration in which hair is transplanted from the permanent zone in the back of the scalp into areas affected by genetic balding, using only one’s own naturally occurring, individual follicular units. F.U.E. otherwise known as Follicular Unit Extraction is a newer method of removing donor hair follicles. With FUE we use specialized instruments measuring .7mm- .95mm in size and remove each follicle individually. The main advantage of this method versus FUT is that in FUE there is individual extraction of hair follicles with a specialized tool versus the removal of a strip of skin with FUT. This means that FUE leaves no linear scar in the donor region. Just small dots that are not visible unless the hair is shaved down to the skin.

Dr. Dauer is an expert in performing F.U.E., and routinely teaches other physicians around the world the art of performing FUE. Dr. Dauer has multiple different state of the art FUE tools and can choose the one best suited for the individual patient’s hair type. If this is something you are interested in, Dr. Dauer, a leading hair restoration surgeon near Beverly Hills, CA, can explain this procedure in more depth on the day of your consultation. The best method for you depends on multiple factors including the following: the density of your hair throughout your scalp and your preference for a single linear scar versus small dots that are not visible unless the hair is shaved down to the skin in your donor region.

Are There Risks Involved?

Elective surgery to improve physical appearance is universally accepted and is being performed successfully everywhere there are qualified specialists. Hair restoration procedures differ from general surgery, however, in that they involve only the outer layers of the body. You should not worry excessively about risks or complications, because they are rare.

If you would like to schedule a consultation near Beverly Hills, CA with a leading hair restoration surgeon, please feel free to contact Dr. Dauer. You can get started by calling 310-746-4300 or filling out our contact form.