Those who have lost their hair often turn to a hair loss doctor Beverly Hills, CA patients depend on at Dauer Hair Restoration for advice on how to get more thick and fuller locks. Hair transplant procedures have become a reliable way for those who have lost their hair to gain back their confidence. A hair transplant procedure entails removing small punch grafts from where hair is present on the scalp, and then inserting it into areas that need hair growth. If you call our clinic today, we are happy to book you a free initial consultation with Dr. Dauer to see if hair restoration is right for you.

About Hair Transplants

Before a hair transplant procedure, the donor area of hair will be trimmed shorter so grafts can be more easily harvested. For a punch graft, your doctor may utilize a tube-like tool made of steel that will punch a round graft from the donor site. This is usually performed in the frontal hairline. In other grafts, your doctor may use a scalpel to gather small sections of scalp that have strong hair follicles already, which will then be divided into sections and administered into holes or slits in the scalp. As the hair grafts are being harvested, your doctor may inject a saline solution to give the skin strength. The donor areas may be closed up with one or several stitches.

Do’s and Don’ts After Hair Transplant

As your Beverly Hills, CA hair loss doctor may explain before the hair transplant, there are things you should and should not do post procedure. After arriving back home from a hair transplant, it is important that you know how to care for your new implanted hair grafts. These grafts are still quite fragile and need careful nurturing to take root. Here are just a few examples of do’s and don’ts after your procedure:

  • DO: Arrange to have someone else drop you off and pick you up after the procedure. While hair transplants do not always require a strong amount of sedation, your doctor may need to give you some and it isn’t safe to operate a vehicle afterwards.
  • DON’T: Sleep on your side or tummy flat, so you can avoid your new hairline rubbing against the pillow throughout the night.
  • DO: Sleep with your head elevated a little bit for the first week (or for however long you have swelling). For most people, swelling only lasts for a few days, while others have no swelling at all. If you have a recliner, this can be used as a makeshift bed.
  • DON’T: Apply ice directly to your scalp where hair was transplanted. It is best to not touch this area with anything.

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As someone who is struggling with hair loss, or has a loved one who is impacted by it, please know that there are options out there that can be life-changing. To schedule your consultation to find out more, call a CA hair loss doctor in Beverly Hills at Dauer Hair Restoration today!