At Dauer Hair Restoration, a doctor for hair restoration Beverly Hills, CA residents trust understands that the first signs of hair loss can be devastating. Your hair is an integral part of who you are, and we know the quality of our hair is linked to how we feel about ourselves. When we think of someone battling hair loss in middle to older age, we often picture a man with balding areas on his scalp. Rarely do we imagine a woman who is quietly suffering as her hair thins and comes out after each shower or brushing. But in fact, there are around 30 million women in this country who have noticeable hair loss. If you are one of them, we encourage you to call our clinic to see if our hair restoration can help you.

Causes of Women’s Hair Loss
Women lose their hair differently compared to men. Usually, women face diffuse hair loss, when by comparison, hair loss in men occurs at the crown and frontal hair lines. Some possible explanations for why a woman may be struggling with hair loss could be due to thyroid imbalance, post-partum hormone changes, low levels of vitamin D, polycystic ovary syndrome, contraceptives, steroids, antihypertensives, antidepressants, and menopause. If a woman has endured  significant emotional, physical, and/or psychological stress, that can be a contributing factor in hair loss as well.

Treating Hair Loss in Women
During a consultation for CA hair restoration in Beverly Hills, Dr. Dauer can explain the options for treating hair loss. The initial step in getting hair to rebuild, is to assess the underlying reasons why increased shedding and hair thinning is happening. If there is a medical condition that is causing the hair loss, then this must be identified and addressed. The second step is using certain products and procedures that are clinically proven to enhance the strength of hair, preventing shedding, while also nourishing the scalp.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments may be utilized to help stimulate hair growth in affected areas. PRP has growth factors that support hair follicles during their growing phase, resulting in thicker looking hair that covers the head more evenly. The process of PRP entails gathering a blood sample from the patient, spinning the sample in a centrifuge machine so the platelets are separated, and then injecting the platelets into the impacted area.

Hair Restoration Procedures
Women who have balding areas may find relief through hair restoration procedures such as transplants, where hair follicles are fixed into the scalp at the front, back, or top of the head. The hair follicles are individually harvested and placed with precision. Hair restoration can result in a more youthful and more filled hair-line, where patches of hair loss are much less visible. Hair restoration can not only yield more hair, but boost self-esteem too.

Dauer Hair Restoration
If you are suffering from hair loss, then please call Dauer Hair Restoration today to find out whether Beverly Hills, CA hair restoration by Dr. Dauer can benefit you!