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If you are considering hair restoration in Beverly Hills, CA, there are things you should know beforehand. Your hair transplant doctor, Marc Dauer, M.D. from Dauer Hair Restoration, will take time to discuss these things in further detail, as well as answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, if your serious about getting a Beverly Hills, CA hair restoration procedure, be sure that you understand what you should do after the treatment. By knowing these things ahead of time, you can plan ahead. 

What to Avoid After a Hair Transplant

If you have thinning hair, getting a hair transplant can help restore your locks and self-confidence. The results will look completely natural and last you many years. However, in order for you to get optimal results, it’s imperative to listen to your doctor and take good care of yourself after hair restoration in Beverly Hills, CA. Here are some of the things you should avoid after a hair transplant:

Washing Your Hair Too Soon

It’s important to wait at least 48 hours after your procedure for hair restoration in Beverly Hills, CA to wash your hair. When it’s time to wash your hair, be very gentle. Don’t scrub too hard or blast the shower faucet directly onto your scalp. If you’re not gentle, you risk harming the transplanted hair.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach might feel the most comfortable to you, but you should avoid sleeping in this position for at least seven days after your surgery. It could make your swelling worse. Instead, sleep on your back with your head elevated. Put a couple more pillows under neck to prop your head up.


While exercise is normally very good for your body, you’ll want to avoid strenuous activities for a couple of weeks after your hair transplant. If you do too much too soon, you could experience more swelling and slow down your recovery time. If you really need to get in some activity after a few days, try taking a short walk.

Exposing Your Scalp to Sunlight

After you get a hair transplant, you’ll also want to avoid exposing your scalp to the sun for at least three months. Too much sunlight can damage the underlying tissues and hair follicles that haven’t healed yet. If you have to go out in the sun, remember to wear a hat.


Smoking tobacco isn’t good for you at any time, but it should definitely be avoided for at least a month after your hair transplant procedure. If you smoke too soon, you could impede blood flow to your scalp and slow down the recovery process


It’s normal to experience a itchiness on your scalp after a hair transplant. However, that doesn’t mean you should scratch the area. Doing so can irritate the area and even put you at risk for an infection.

Picking Your Scabs

Seeing scabs on your scalp after your hair transplant might be alarming at first, but it’s perfectly normal. These scabs should fall out by themselves in a few days. Don’t try to pick the scabs off, as it could lead to an infection.

If you have more questions about hair restoration in Beverly Hills, CA, consult with the hair transplant surgeons at Dauer Hair Restoration. We have performed successful hair transplants on many patients throughout the years and are here to address all your questions and concerns.

Restoration FAQ’s:

1. Will it hurt?
Honestly, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised. When you read about the procedure, it seems a tad gruesome – but the fact is, there’s no pain with the surgery, just a little discomfort. Think of it like getting a filling done at the dentist. You have anesthetic so there’s no pain but you may not like being at the dentist.

The discomfort comes from being in the chair for up to ten hours for the entire process to be completed, though you will get regular breaks.

Post-op, you might experience some mild pain but nothing that your standard painkillers can’t manage for a few days, just like with any minor surgical procedure.

2. How noticeable will the scarring be?
Follicular unit grafting requires tiny incisions to the recipient area and any resultant scarring is generally invisible to the untrained eye. There will also be a small scar from the donor area at the back of your scalp, but it will be hidden under existing hair.

3. How long before signs of growth are visible?
Hair growth is a slow process, even in a person who doesn’t experience hair loss. After you have the procedure, initial signs of growth can take anything from three to four months due to the hair’s natural growing cycle. Beyond that, it’s all gravy! As your hair starts to grow, the full effects will take around eight months. At one year post-op, you’ll see the full effect.

5. Will the final result be noticeable?
You’ll need a minimum of three weeks out of the loop – or you can wear a hat – due to the healing process, as the surgical area will be red and a little obvious. The area will be shaved down to provide an ideal surgical environment and to protect existing hairs.

After the procedure, the hair grows in very slowly but as time passes, you’ll probably have people asking if you’ve lost weight; they’ll notice ‘something’ but won’t be able to pinpoint the physical change in you, especially if you’ve only had minimal work done.

6. Will the growth be permanent?
The hair follicles that are transplanted are genetically-resistant against baldness so they will, in theory, continue to grow over your lifetime. However …

For more answers to the questions you may have, contact a doctor of hair restoration in Beverly Hills, CA for more information and treatment options today.





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