Southern California Hair Restoration Expert

Southern California Hair Restoration ExpertAt the Dauer Hair Restoration clinic, our Southern California Hair Restoration Expert has many women clients and understands how devastating hair loss issues can be. When most people think of hair loss and hair loss treatments, they usually think these issues are for men. However, there are a great many women who also deal with hair loss. We often associate our hair with our personality, our style, even our sensuality, so hair loss issues can have a negative emotional impact on our wellbeing. 

Female Pattern Baldness

Women and men usually suffer hair loss differently. Men typically have male pattern baldness, which is very visible, while women tend to suffer from thinning hair, usually when they hit their 50’s. A “normal” head of hair is comprised of about 100,000 strands of hair. Most adults lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands every day; however, new strands quickly replace those lost strands.

As your Southern CA Expert for Hair Restoration can explain in further depth, when hair begins to thin, those new strands may not come in at the same rate as the lost strands and that thinning can become more and more noticeable. A Southern California Expert for Hair Restoration refers to this as female pattern baldness.

Unlike male pattern baldness, which creates patterns like balding at the crown and receding at the temples, female pattern baldness does not create “patterns.” The loss is usually at the center of the scalp and the gradually spans out across the top of the scalp, mostly in the middle.

Why Am I Losing My Hair?
There are many reasons why women suffer hair loss and turn to a Southern CA Hair Restoration Expert at the Dauer Hair Restoration clinic, including diet, genetics, hormones and stress. If your hair loss is profound, it is recommended that you contact your medical provider and have testing to rule out any issues with anemia, thyroid, vitamin deficiencies, or other health problems.

When hair falls out in patches or clumps, it may indicate a rare issue called alopecia areata. With this condition, the immune system attacks healthy hair follicles. Alopecia is reversible. Hair loss in women can also be caused by drugs that are used to treat arthritis, depression, heart disease, or high blood pressure. Hormonal changes due to birth control medication can also cause hair loss.

If a woman is dealing with serious stress or is practicing extreme weight-loss diets, it can cause significant hair loss. There are also certain hairstyles which can also cause hair loss, including braids, cornrows, and tight ponytails. This is referred to as traction alopecia. Hair extension can also cause permanent hair loss. 

Can I Stop My Hair Loss?
The first step in halting hair loss is to contact us for a hair restoration in Beverly Hills, CA consultation with one of our hair loss specialists. We can determine what is causing your hair loss and what the best course of treatment would be. We have helped thousands of clients just like you, so please reach out to a Hair Restoration Expert in Southern California at the DauerHair Restoration clinic today!