Hair Transplant Videos – Testimonials Transcribed

“I did not look good bald. I put my hands above my head to try to see how that would look. Its just the age thing. I was growing up quickly and didn’t feel good. I geared up for major surgery and it was in and out. I was meeting and talking to friends that day, and it was a lot better then I expected. You could not find a better more personal person then Dr. Dauer. He reassured me that all of my fears were unwarranted. I actually the day of the surgery came in and asked Dr. Dauer to cancel it.

I was afraid of being the guy that looked like he had a hair transplant done and I did not want to be that guy. I talked to the Dr. Dauer and I said I would pay for the staff for that day and lets all just go home. I’ll get a straight razor and I’ll figure out how that will look. Dr. Dauer reassured me and I am completely happy that I did it. The procedure itself was pretty straight forward. I was talking to the staff throughout, we were kidding around. If it’s any level of indication of the pain I was in, I was drinking soda and eating lunch while this was going on, so it was very tolerable. You can start feeling the new hair right away. There was this sensation of when you were a little kid and you got those short haircuts and you got the prickly head. You kind of feel that beneath your regular hair, as these new hairs start growing in. It’s exciting, something I couldn’t stop doing everyday. I found myself tapping my head to feel those new hairs that were coming in. I feel great! I forget at times that I had something done.

People that know me really well, don’t know that I had a procedure. You’ll see somebody that you haven’t seen for a while and they say, “Wow you look great.” To me that’s great, thats what I want. I was the most apprehensive person I think going into this procedure and coming out of it I have recommended it to many close friends and family.”

~ M.S.

“I am so glad I was referred to Dr. Dauer! He did a terrific job in transplanting hair into old surgical scars on the head which had been bothering me for years. The scars are no longer visible. In addition to his expertise in hair transplantation, Dr. Dauer is also a caring and attentive physician. I immediately felt comfortable with him when we met for my consultation. He thoroughly addressed all of my questions and concerns. I left his office with the confidence that Dr. Dauer was the right doctor for me. It has been almost two years since my procedure and I have been thrilled with the result. I feel tremendous gratitude to Dauer. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dauer to anyone who is considering hair transplantation- he is at the top of his field.”

~ Suzanne S.


“When I started to loose my hair I also started to loose my confidence. It really bothered me. I used to do public speaking and when I turned around to write something on the board, I worried about my bald spot. How well I combed over it? Or whether I colored in it? And was the color running down the back of my neck? Dr. Dauer was just great. I felt like he was one of the best listeners I’ve ever been with. He really listened to what I wanted rather then maybe what he thought I should have, so I felt that was very very important. I was looking forward to have a more conservative hairline and he was more supportive of what I was looking to accomplish. I think it took more then the norm in that I had previous work done so that it has to grow through what was done through the scalp earlier. It took about 4 to 5 months to grow in and during that period you’re a little anxious, but once it starts to grow, its very exciting. I feel really great about it particularly the bald spot in the back, or the former bald spot in the back. My wife rolled down to San Diego in the back seat because we had our whole family with us and she said, “ This is the first time I cant see scalp at all back there.” I absolutely recommend this procedure to anyone who wants more hair and doesn’t want anyone to know where they got it from.”

~ John

“When I first started to loose my hair it was in my late 20’s I was working as a policeman for a longtime and I kept a flat top so when I first noticed it I gone I was working in investigations. As for my feelings you know I am an actor and a film maker as well, I wanted to do something to at least to keep what I have to keep that hairline into my late 30’s. The overall experience with Dr. Dauer has been outstanding from beginning to end. Everything he told me was 100% accurate, down time, procedure, pain, any discomfort, results, everything was true. A little bit of pricking of the needle to numb up and that was it. I didn’t have any other pain or discomfort other than that. The room, the setting, was amazing. The quiet music, they fed me, it was enjoyable really.

Afterwards, there was a little bit of pain management, I think for about a day and a half, I took some of the prescriptions that Dr. Dauer gave me and I was fine. By day 2 I was up doing normal stuff and there was no pain or discomfort whatsoever. I look in the mirror everyday and I can’t believe it. Especially since my last transplant was 2 years ago. Dr. Dauer’s hair transplant procedure has been outstanding! The hair sticks, stays, does what I want to do with it. I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely recommend this procedure to others. It is a wonderful procedure.”

~ J.K.


Dr. Dauer: Greg, what lead you to seek out Hair Restoration in the first place?

Greg: It’s kind of funny, I don’t think I sought it out, it kind of found me. What happened was, I had been losing my hair increasingly more steady over the past several years. I was bald from the front down, and I was telling my roommate I was having a tough time dating. My self esteem was really down and I was telling my roommate how miserable I was being the bald guy and she told me about the procedure and that I could get hair replacement surgery. Her celebrity hair stylist had it done. So I went and saw him and he told me all about the procedure. I got home for Christmas and my sister was making comments about my hair. She told me I just need to shave it and go bald. I was devastated. I just wished I could afford to get the hair restoration surgery. My sister had told my mom about our discussion and we were Christmas shopping at the mall. I went into a hat store because I didn’t go anywhere without hats. My mom pulled me out of the store and said, “Do you want hair restoration surgery for Christmas?” I was like “Yes, Oh my! Yes!” So I made an appointment with Dr. Dauer, we set a date, my mom decided to pay for it and I had the surgery done. I can not begin to tell you what it has done for me. I went on a date last night with a beautiful girl. It has absolutely changed my life. I am not kidding, I was bald from the front down and now I am not the bald guy anymore. It’s just amazing, absolutely amazing.

Dr. Dauer: How was the procedure itself? Was it what you expected? Was it painful?
How was the recovery?

Greg: I think I was a little nervous in the beginning. I thought it was a major surgery, so I was really nervous leading up to the day of the procedure, but really there was no pain involved. I showed up in the morning, and Dr. Dauer gave me Novocain to numb my head and I was on my stomach and there was absolutely no pain whatsoever. I think the hardest thing for me about the procedure was sitting in the chair for an extended period of time, but I had taken a sedative, so it was nothing. After the surgery was done it was a week or two before all the little transplanted hair fell out, and then I was back to normal. The scar healed up, there was no pain whatsoever, and after about two months those little hairs started popping out. It was the most exciting thing that the hair started growing out. I was like, “Oh my! Im growing hair!” It was amazing and it just got more and more. Then people started saying, “Wow you look different, but they couldn’t tell what it was about me that was different.” I went back home and one of my friend’s said, “Man you look good, it looks like you’re even growing hair.” I’ve been through some changes in my life, and this is just amazing. My brother didn’t even know about the procedure and I had grown a goatee and he said, “Man that goatee really pulled your hair down.” It was amazing. The procedure involved no pain, it was really simple and it was life changing. Absolutely life changing.


Dr. Dauer – Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what lead you here in the first place?

I was going into business school and in my late 20’s. I had Male Pattern Hair Loss mainly around the crown and the back, and it really took me close to about 10 years before I considered doing something. I was probably one of those in between candidates where there was a gradual progression of hair loss, but not to the point where I considered something till probably my late 30’s. From there I went around quite a few number of doctor’s and different institutions, just really trying to do the best I could and trying to get the best procedure for me. I am someone who takes a lot of time, so I went to a number of different Doctors in Beverly Hills, and a well advertised hair procedure place, and just got as much information as possible about the procedure and how it was done differently by the doctor’s. From there it lead me to a very strong referral, Dr. Dauer. Again after shopping around and going to different places, I felt comfortable here with Dr. Dauer. I felt that he was more specific and personal with my needs and that is what brought me here a year ago. From then, like anybody, I was a little apprehensive, a little bit nervous about the procedure. Dr. Dauer explained the procedure to me in depth and what he told me was exactly what occurred. The procedure was relatively painless. It did not put you out of commission for a great deal of time. It was basically a day of your time and some minor discomfort, but on the whole, it was very painless and done very throughly. The post- op portion of it was not that bad and as described by Dr. Dauer. I’ve now noticed significant differences in the crown and towards the front where I experienced my hair loss. Again, within 4 to 6 months after the procedure there was a significant difference in the hair on my thinning areas and I know I will continue to benefit moving forward.

Dr. Dauer- How is your hair different now from what it was like 11 month’s ago pre-operatively?

The major differences are the things you don’t think much about and they are brought to your attention. One thing was amazing how many folks, family, close relatives that people that know me, gave me a similar reaction. People will come up to me and say, “Wow you look a hell of a lot healthier, you look younger, things look better,” without them knowing of my procedure . I know I always thought hair was indirectly how people recognize you and see you differently, so a number of friends and family members who I don’t necessarily see on a day to day basis came to me and said, “Wow! you look good, you look younger, better.” I think a lot of this has to do with me having the hair transplant procedure. It has had a profound impact on me. I was telling Dr. Dauer that I have pictures from about 10-11 years ago when I was getting my MBA, and my hair looks considerably better now then it then, which is absolutely amazing.


Tom: So I came to Marc Dauer in I think maybe November of like 08 because I had had some surgery scars in my eyebrows which still exist, but they are not as evident now because Marc covered them up with eyebrow grafts. Anyway, I came to Marc confident that he would not notice that I was also wearing a hair piece. And I said well Dr. Dauer I want to get my eyebrows done, and he looked at me and says, “Your eye brows? What about that hair hat that you have on?”. And I am like what hair hat? And he detected my thousand dollar a month toupee, which you know that’s what I was paying. a good toupee costs two thousand dollars and you need to get one every two months, so it was a thousand dollars a month I’m paying for this thing. So I thought surely no one would see it; leave it to me. So Marc sees it. I am like oh I don’t want go through that arduous thing, it’s going to take me you know…I got to go through surgery, it’s going to take a year and bla bla bla bla but every journey begins with the first step. So I made an appointment and he indeed did an eyebrow graft and obviously he did a hair transplant. And you know what? Honest to God it was the best thing I ever did. While I was wearing the toupee, which was a good toupee, I remember going on a cruise and I couldn’t do any water associated things, you know going out in the sun, running, high cardiovascular stuff, that sort of thing where you would sweat. It just became something that I could no longer do.

So uh after the first hair transplant it looked pretty darn good and I have had subsequent hair transplants and now it looks really good. And you know what, in the long run it’s much more inexpensive then going the hair hat way, and it’s a lot less grief. So it’s been remarkable . I can’t believe that I had that much hair hidden in the back of my head that he had to move up front. So from now on I am just going to stand on my head so hopefully my hair will just continue to pour down. If I ever have a child I am just going to raise him upside down so that all the hair from the back of his head will stay at the top. Sort of raise him a little so his feet are suspended like Hoodini upside down for the rest of his life.

Dr. Dauer: So you can see combing through the hair line and then you come on this side, its all transplanted hair in the front. Totally transplanted. And then you go on this side, entirely transplanted. And then you go to the crown now.


Dr. Dauer: Ok we are with Ian and Ian is five and a half months after his first procedure. And you can see now and we will have a photo of Ian pre-procedure in the corner somewhere. But uh, I guess to begin with, Ian tell us your story.

Ian: Ok, Well first of all I am ecstatically happy with what has happened already and there is more to come, but I came to Dr. Dauer through a referral through some people in the entertainment business who had used him and were very very happy. So I came in for a consultation and we had done this five and a half months ago and uh basically the procedure itself was almost a null and non-event. I actually worked in the chair. It was actually fun. The staff was friendly, interactive. Dr. Dauer is charming, dedicated and committed professional and answered every question I had, and it, I can’t even recall anything that was even slightest bit painful and in fact after the procedure I didn’t take Advil, let alone whatever else that he gave me. I did follow every single thing to the letter, everything he told me to do fanatically and I think that had a big impact on the tremendous response that I had because more than a third of the hairs never fell out.They started growing right away and the others started growing back very quickly and I think that is partly because I followed the instructions so carefully. I didn’t even go outside for two to three days; I was going to protect it at all costs. And I feel so much better. I feel younger. I feel so much better about myself. People see me and are shocked. It looks unbelievably natural. It still hasn’t even grown fully, Dr. Dauer tells me because it has been less than six months, because there will be more forthcoming . And I have been begging him to do our next procedure because I so want to take advantage of more of the hair that I have in the back and create more of this full hair appearance which is forth coming.

So I would just say don’t hesitate. The only issue that I had is that I had waited as long as I did. I wish I had done it a year or two or three or five years earlier. Because it has such a profound impact on literally every moment that I am alive. Every mirror that I go by I do a take a sec, I do a double take because I can’t believe it’s me. When I run into people that I haven’t seen me they say ,”Ian what the hell happened to you? You look so great. You look ten years younger.” They don’t even realize the hair. Some of them do realize the hair and they say, “My God,” because they don’t even think that it is a hair transplant because it looks so natural. So all I can say is do it. Do it with Dr. Dauer. Do your do diligence. Talk to the people, but as far as I am concerned not only is he charming, gentleman; he is the ultimate professional and clearly is extraordinarily talented. And I am very available. If any one of you wants to call me, call me. Dr. Dauer will give you my number.


Dr. Dauer: So Todd tell us a little bit about your overall experience of having the procedures and how it has changed your life.

Todd: Well I mean, it’s kinda been amazing because I didn’t really think that it would be that drastic of a change. I mean I knew that it would pepper in some hair with the existing hair that I have. But I mean it has completely changed my hairline, I have a hairline which I have not had in over ten years. So it has changed quit a bit and it was such an easy procedure. I think I started maybe about a year and a half ago with the strip surgery and that just established a hairline. And then I started noticing rather quickly it growing in. And then within 6 months I had a hairline and actually had hair I could comb again, which and I am a guy that wears a hat about 95% of the time and I stopped doing uh an that. So and then after the second surgery I pretty much almost all coverage that you know I could comb the rest back and after a couple FUE’s pretty much peppered it all in. So I am around 75% now, it’s amazing really.

Dr. Dauer: How was the experience with FUE todd?

Todd: Fue was very very easy. I mean, I found that the next day there was really zero discomfort just like nothing had happened. It was the easiest one by far.

Dr. Dauer: And how was the recovery period for you?

Todd: On FUE it was nothing I mean really. It was like the next day I was pretty much at work. You know I took it easy for a couple weeks making sure not to irritate the area, but it was non noticeable. I mean it was like I never had anything done. Really simple.

Dr. Dauer: Have you seen a big change, obviously, from your first procedure to now?

Todd: Oh it’s insane, when I first came in I had zero hairs, maybe 500 hairs at the top of my head. And now I am pretty much almost at 75% of hairs. I am almost there.

Dr. Dauer: The region that we took the follicles, harvested by FUE, about 3 weeks ago and as you can see the hairs have grown back around the area. Um and there are just tiny little dots that are there and those should go away over the course of the next 8-12 weeks. And then there will be no visible signs of the procedure.