Hair Transplant Doctor – Informational Videos





In my practice I deal exclusively with hair restoration. We always do what’s best for the patient. That may include a serious of just medical treatments or medical treatments combined with surgical interventions. Hair naturally grows in single hair follicular units, 2 hair follicular units and 3 hair follicular units. We take those naturally occurring follicular units and move them to where ever they are needed. This creates completely natural results. I restore hairlines, eyebrows, facial hair, body hair. I can cover surgical scars. At the end of the day, it’s all exclusively hair restoration. This field allows me to utilize my artistic eye in designing people’s hairlines, people’s eyebrows. It’s incredibly satisfying to give people back their hair. This is my passion and my goals are my patients goals.


I approach female patients very differently from male patients as they respond differently in the course of hair restoration procedures, and usually the cause of female hair loss is different than in males. I take particular pride in eyebrow restoration as I was one of the first physicians to perform this procedure. Eyebrow transplantation can be very useful in patients that have over plucked their eyebrows, those who have surgical scars in their eyebrows, or those who have genetically weak eyebrows. We have to be very careful in transplanting the eyebrows to orient the hairs exactly as they naturally grow in the eyebrow. This means following the angle and direction of the eyebrow hairs as they move from medial to lateral, because the eyebrow hairs change directions in different parts of the eyebrow. All these factors are taken into an account to create a completely natural appearance. Other areas of hair restoration I commonly perform are body hair transplants, hair transplants to cover surgical scars caused by burns, traumatic injuries, other plastic surgical procedures. These scars can be completely covered with hair transplants.


What attracted me to hair restoration surgery? Well I started to loose my own hair in my 20’s and this was extremely distressing to me. I went through all the research out there and looked into hair restoration surgery. When I finally saw the results that were possible, I knew the field of hair transplant surgery was for me. At that time, I was training in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery at UCLA Medical Center and I knew I wanted to do something in the field of cosmetic surgery. Once I found hair restoration I knew that it was for me. I’ve always had an artistic eye. I’m an artist, I’m a musician, and this field always allows me to utilize my artistic eye in designing people’s hairlines and eyebrows. After going through the process on my own, I feel like I can relate to my patients on a personal level and this really helps me in giving patients the best possible care.


There really three approved treatments for male pattern hair loss. Propecia which is Finaseride and its a pill that you take once a day. Rogaine which is a foam or liquid that you apply to your head twice a day and hair restoration surgery. There are many other treatments out there claiming to regrow hair, but those are the only three medical or surgical FDA approved treatments. I’m often asked by patient’s, “How many sessions will it take to achieve my goal.”? Today we are able to transplant more follicular units in one session then ever before. However, continuing treatments over time are necessary to keep up with the rate of continuing hair loss. The hair that we transplant will never fall out because it’s genetically immune hair that will not respond to DHT, which makes men’s hair fall out. However, the native hair surrounding the transplanted hair will continue to slowly fall out over time, so periodic treatments are required down the line to keep up with this continuing loss.


I’m often asked what kind of maintenance is needed for my transplanted hair? The answer is none. Once your new hair is transplanted, you can cut it, style it, or color it. It’s yours and it’s yours for a lifetime. Our office is set up to provide maximum comfort for the patient. We have a large TV in the procedure room with direct tv and netflix. We serve lunch in the middle of the day. We try to provide whatever is necessary to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.