What Are the Hair Restoration Surgery Risk Factors? Is the Procedure Painful?

Serious complications resulting from surgical hair restoration are atypical following well performed and well-planned surgery. The procedure is normally safe when executed by a qualified, experienced board-certified hair transplant surgeon. Accordingly, you should not worry excessively about risks or complications because they are rare and the procedure has proven to be very safe.

Still, risk follows all forms of surgical procedures. But it is important to keep in mind that complications associated with hair transplant surgery are most likely to come from factors that are directly controlled by the surgeon or the patient. For this reason, you should only trust a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon, such as Dr. Dauer, to perform your procedure. Dr. Dauer has over 15 years of experience performing hair and eyebrow restoration surgical procedures.

Many patients may be hesitant to inquire about the level of pain they should expect during the hair transplant surgical procedure because they fear the worst. Fortunately, I am able to tell them that there are many pre- and post- operative techniques utilized by hair restoration surgeons to make the patient comfortable and ease their mind about the surgery. For example, hair transplantation is done under local anesthesia and the pain associated with injection of anesthesia is minimized by using a vibration device which decreases the patient’s discomfort.  I tell my patients that the discomfort associated with hair restoration surgery is usually comparable to that of dental surgery.

With regard to post-operative healing and pain, keep in mind that the recovery for the FUE procedure is quicker and more comfortable than for the FUT procedure because of the lack of a linear incision and stitches.

A goal of ours is to create a soothing atmosphere for our patients during their procedure. Our office is set up to create maximum comfort for you. We have satellite TV in our procedure rooms as well as impressive views of the Hollywood sign and downtown Los Angeles skyline from our 18th floor Century City suite. We also have state of the art LED lighting and microscopes, as well as a custom-designed memory foam cushions on our exam chairs for maximum comfort. We serve our patients lunch and can cater to all your special dietary needs. We want to make your procedure is as comfortable as possible.

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