Eyebrows are one of the most defining characteristics of the face and frame the facial features. The ability to transplant eyebrows with a completely natural result is the domain of only a few surgeons worldwide. I was one of the first physicians in the world performing eyebrow transplants more than 10 years ago and over the past decade I have added many refinements to my technique that have allowed me to achieve the results demonstrated here. The “after” eyebrow transplant photos are shown with no makeup or pencil.

Here is a video I edited demonstrating the entire process of the eyebrow transplant including photos of the patient 5 days post procedure, and 5 months post procedure. Often times I am asked about all the steps involved in eyebrow transplants as well as what the patient will look like days after the procedure. The patient in the video underwent a single eyebrow transplant procedure and her “after” results are shown 5 months post procedure.

For more information about eyebrow transplants or my approach to eyebrow transplantation please feel free to contact my office or email me photos of your eyebrows, and we can set up a virtual consultation.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.