In this blog I will demonstrate a patient who came to me after he underwent the strip harvest procedure from another physician and his donor scar was wider than he expected and he could no longer wear his hair at the short length he wanted. In some cases these wide scars can be revised by excising them and closing them again under less tension than they were previously closed. In this case, the physician who performed the original procedure had already attempted to revise the donor scar and was unsuccessful in reducing it’s size. I recommended to the patient that I perform Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) by harvesting follicles ones by one  with a special tool and then placing these harvested follicles into the strip scar to cover it with hair. Here are the results after 9 months. It made a significant difference to the donor scar and the patient is very happy as he can now wear his hair shorter and not be conscious of his wide donor scar. I have treated a large number of patients like this and it remains a good option for those with wide donor scars who wish to wear their hair shorter.

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All the best,

Marc Dauer, MD