Hello all, this is my first time posting a blog so I hope you’ll excuse my newbie status. I have been practicing Hair and Eyebrow Restoration for almost 5 years now and I must say it is one of the most gratifying fields to be involved in. I began my medical career in Head and Neck Surgery and subsequently transitioned into Emergency Room Medicine before finding my real calling in Hair and Eyebrow Transplantation. At the core of who I am, I am an artist. Whether I am drawing, playing guitar or piano, writing a song, or a short story, it is the expression of art that I truly enjoy. Hair and Eyebrow Transplantation affords me the opportunity to express myself artistically. Every patient is different and presents a new set of challenges. There is the constant management of expectations between what the patient wants, what’s best for the patient in the long run, and what is realistic for the patient. In the field of Hair and Eyebrow Restoration, managing all these together, while still maintaining the ultimate cosmetic result is a challenge, but one that I relish. I receive immense gratification in following up with my patients after their new hair has grown in. Seeing how the results can change peoples lives and better their self esteem is truly a gift.

I feel incredibly lucky to be in the field of Hair and Eyebrow Transplantation and I look forward to many posts in the upcoming days and years to discuss various cases and issues that I am presented with on a daily basis.

All the best, Marc Dauer, M.D.