I am often asked when is it a good time to use beard / neck hair for a hair transplant. Firstly the only way to harvest beard hair is via FUE. Also, since beard hair is slightly courser than scalp hair it should not be used in the hairline but for filler throughout the rest of the scalp. It can also be used effectively for beard augmentation or to cover beard scars. Beard follicles are typically 1 or 2 hairs as opposed to scalp which has larger follicular units. It also requires a high degree of FUE proficiency in order to be successful at harvesting intact grafts from the beard via FUE. Also, I prefer to only harvest from below the jaw line as it does leave very slight white dots after the grafts has been harvested. These dots are very hard to see in most individuals, however I prefer to leave these dots below the jaw line which makes them even harder to  find. Neck hair is a good alternative when looking for this type of hair or when the scalp donor is exhausted. It needs to be harvested with a high degree of efficiency and placed properly for maximum results.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.