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It is inspiring to see when doctors think out of the box when it comes to doing research. Especially with all the new methods that exist today.
An example of this is a female researcher in New York who has alopecia. She has collaborated with other researchers in England and Pakistan. Researchers have found in studies that papillae cells, (cells at the base of hair follicles that give rise to the follicle”) might increase or stimulate hair growth. There is much more research to be done on this theory,however the initial results appear promising.

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After an article a few weeks ago that was picked up by multiple press publications about facial hair transplantation there has been a great deal of press focus on this topic. I have been performing facial hair transplantation for many years now. The donor hair to be transplanted on the face can be harvested either from the scalp via FUT or from the neck beard using FUE. I prefer to use the neck beard hair whenever possible as it provides the exact same character hair as opposed to scalp hair which is different from beard hair. This procedure can be very useful for cosmetic purposes to augment ones beard, goatee, or sideburns, or even reconstructive purposes in cases when one has a scar in the beard region and wishes to cover the scar with hair in order to minimize its appearance. When transplanting into scar tissue the growth rate is not the same as with healthy tissue, but there is still good growth, and it just may require more sessions to accomplish the patient’s goals.

I have attached a photo of a patient  of mine who I transplanted hair into a mustache scar with excellent results. I have also attached a link to the ABC news article on beard transplantation below.

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Here is a patient with a scar  in his mustache who received transplanted hair grafts to cover the scar and enhance his mustache.

Here is a patient with a scar in his mustache who received transplanted hair grafts to cover the scar and enhance his mustache.



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