Corrective Eyebrow Transplant


Here is a patient from Asia who underwent an eyebrow transplant procedure with a local surgeon. Unfortunately her results were very unnatural. She had “cobble stoning” in the eyebrows (usually from incorrect grafts placement) as well as a very small amount of growth and unnatural growth of the hairs.

I placed approximately 450 grafts into each eyebrow over 2 procedures and the results are shown below.

The patient is thrilled with her results and states that her eyebrows have given her a renewed self confidence.

It is imperative to chose a surgeon with extensive eyebrow transplant experience as this is a very nuanced procedure that requires a tremendous amount of artistic vision as well as technological expertise.

Marc Dauer, M.D.

corrective eyebrow transplant

corrective eyebrow transplant

corrective eyebrow transplant