Here is a patient who presented to me after undergoing 2 previous procedures with another physician. He was having constant pain in the  donor region. On examination his strip scar was raised and 7-9mm wide and in certain spots there were 2 separate scars.

I decided to revise the scar in the context of the patients procedure to increase the density in his hairline.

While I was extracting the old scar I noticed that there were a number of retained nylon sutures in the wound that were left there and had never been removed. These were likely contributing to the pain and poor healing. I removed the retained sutures and revised the scar closing with a triuchopytic closure to get hair to grow through the scar.

I then placed 1003 grafts into the hairline.

The results of the hair transplant and the donor scar revision are shown below.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.

Hair Transplant Slides.674 Hair Transplant Slides.676 Hair Transplant Slides.673 Hair Transplant Slides.675

hair transplant strip scar revision

hair transplant strip scar revision