Here is a link to a recent article from the UK press about a woman who underwent an eyebrow and eyelash transplant. Eyebrow transplants have recently become much more common as more people have discovered this procedure exists. Eyelash transplants are much more uncommon. Because the hair is taken from the scalp it will grow longer and need to be trimmed. This poses 2 problems for eyelash transplants. Firstly the hair can grow into the eye, thus scratching the cornea. Secondly, because you will need to trim the eyelash hairs every few weeks there is a high risk of injury to the eye. In addition, because the eyelid is so thin, and has so many muscles and nerves in a small area, there is a very high incidence of complications in eyelash procedures. It is for all these reason that I do not perform eyelash transplant procedures.

On the other hand, Eyebrow transplant procedures in the hands of an experienced eyebrow transplant surgeon can be very successful and I have been performing these procedures for over 10 years. In the patient highlighted in this article, she has a tremendous amount of eyebrow pencil makeup on her eyebrows in the “after” photo, thus not really giving an accurate image of what her transplanted eyebrows really look like.

Please feel free to click through my eyebrow transplant photos or go to my eyebrow transplant website for more information.

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