Here is a patient of mine who received an unsatisfactory eyebrow transplant from another local physician. She came to me for a follow up procedure and here is her review of the procedure and her results.

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Marc Dauer, M.D.

Let me start by saying that this was the second…

  • 2 Feb 2016
  • 10 months post
Let me start by saying that this was the second eyebrow procedure I had done and I am so happy to have found Dr. Dauer for this second procedure.
Originally, I had plucked my eyebrows quite thin and had them tatooed two different times. I had some bare spots in my eyebrows that would not grow back and decided to have these spots filled in with an eyebrow transplant instead of tatooing again (since the tatoos tend to turn orange and fade away). I also had an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink the last time my eyebrows were tatooed.The doctor I chose for my first procedure was a well-known doctor in the area and had also done a great hair transplant on my brother. His eyebrow pictures looked good and his prices were good, so I decided to go to him for a patch job on my eyebrows …. not a full set of thick eyebrows at that time.During the first procedure I had the strip method done. The doctor for the first procedure did not give me enough Valium during the procedure .. I asked for more Valium later in the procedure when the eyebrow hairs were going to be placed and the doctor said he wanted me to be awake while they were filling in the eyebrows ..(I never fell asleep when he originally gave me Valium earlier in the day). This was quite an unpleasant experience for me and more Valium would have made for a much more pleasant experience.

I went home and recovered. On Day 3 of my recovery the doctor had me wash my eyebrows … big mistake! A chunk of the transplanted hair came out. I called the doctor’s office immediately. The doctor’s office assured me that the hair might still grow back and we needed a year to see ….. I was very skeptical of this and did not believe this hair was coming back, which it never did.

I still was not happy with my eyebrows and did not want to go back to that doctor to have any procedure done. It took me years to muster up the courage to have another surgery and I was only hopeful to do so when I saw Dr. Dauer’s reviews and his eyebrow photos, which looked better than any eyebrow transplant photos I had ever seen before.
I went to Dr. Dauer’s office for a consultation and he let me know that he never lets his patients touch their eyebrows until Day 8 of recovery because if transplanted hairs come out too quickly, they will not grow back. He also assured me that he would give me enough Valium to keep me comfortable. Dr. Dauer let me know he has had over 20 years experience in doing eyebrows and does at least three to four eyebrow transplant procedures per week.
I decided to go with Dr. Dauer and have him fill out my thin eyebrows versus just having a patch job on my eyebrows. I opted for the FUE procedure – less pain and easier recovery.

I brought Dr. Dauer several photos depicting the general eyebrow shape I was interested in. Even though I told him I had no idea what I was doing, Dr. Dauer gave me a chance to pencil in the shape I wanted my eyebrows to be. When it was obvious I couldn’t draw the proper shape I wanted for my eyebrows Dr. Dauer graciously took over and drew in the eyebrow shape to my satisfaction. Also, once doctor Dr. Dauer saw the eyebrow shape I wanted on the day of surgery, he put in quite a few more grafts than we had spoken about putting in at the consultation (no extra charge). The procedure went well. Dr. Daeur gave me plenty of Valium and kept me completely comfortable throughout the surgery.

Overall, recovery went well. After two weeks my eyebrow hairs started to fall out. I had a bit of redness around the eyebrow area which lasted about a month … totally normal for some people. I bought a natural eyebrow makeup containing no chemicals or preservatives from Coastal Classic Creations to fill in my eyebrows during this time. My eyebrows looked fine going out in public with the makeup, even with the bit of redness I experienced.

After about six or eight weeks my eyebrow hairs started to grow back and were mostly in by five or six months. I had a few bare spots at six months that were mostly covered over by nine months because the eyebrow hairs continued to thicken. I used Dr. Dauer’s suggested method to have the eyebrows grow in flatter instead of straight out and this method worked well.

I am very happy with the final result of my eyebrows and would highly recommend Dr. Dauer and his staff for an eyebrow transplant.

before and after eyebrow transplant photos

before and after eyebrow transplant photos