Today I want to discuss FUE otherwise known as follicular unit extraction. All Hair Transplant surgeons are not created equal and certainly all surgeons performing FUE are not created equal. There are many different devices on the market used to harvest FUE grafts ranging from the Artas Robot, to the Neograft, to motorized hand held punches to manual punches. After doing extensive research into all the different devices I opted to use the SAFE system which is a dull tip motorized punch to harvest my FUE grafts. Because FUE involves harvesting a follicle (with a typical diameter small than 1mm, and the base of the follicle below the skin which you cannot see when harvesting) it requires a tremendous amount of skill on behalf of the person performing the harvest. In my practice I harvest every follicle personally. I will post a photo of my FUE grafts that I harvested yesterday. What you can see in the photo is that each and every graft in completely intact with the entire follicle and a small amount of tissue surrounding the follicle as well. This is crucial to the graft survival and a key reason why so many patient’s do not get the results they hope for with FUE. Not all FUE surgeons are created equal and it is very important to do your proper research before deciding to have FUE with a specific surgeon. In experienced hands FUE can be an amazing procedure.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, MD