I have just begun using Hypothermasol -New Storage Media For Hair Transplant Grafts which is a new storage media for storing hair grafts while they are out of the body and awaiting transplant. In the past we have had excellent results storing the hair grafts in saline or lactated ringers solution, but recent studies have shown that there can be an increased growth yield of the transplanted hair grafts by storing them in hypothermasol. Hypothermasol has been used for a number of years to store organs awaiting transplantation. It is thought to keep the cellular mechanisms more stable while the organ is out of the body, thus decreasing any cellular degradation. Applying the same concept to hair transplants, some new studies have shown that this storage media can lead to possibly better growth rates. Even though the hypothermasol is much more expensive than the traditional storage solutions, in my quest for the best hair transplant results that can be achieved, I have decided to incorporate this into my storage process of the hair grafts. I will check in with an update on this topic in 6-9 months with the results that I am seeing in clinical use.

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Marc Dauer, MD

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