Today I will discuss a very interesting case I just performed. This patient presented with a skin graft in his mustache region from a previous accident that required extensive Plastic Surgery. He was left with a large scar  and no ability to cover the scar as it would only grow a scant amount of hair. The patient prefers to wear a goatee but it is very unnatural with only one side growing hair. In this case I performed follicular unit extraction otherwise know as FUE by harvesting the hairs from his beard on the neck individually with a .8mm punch. I harvested the neck hairs as these will most closely resemble the beard hairs we are meant to recreate. After I harvested all the beard hairs via FUE we placed the grafts individually to recreate a mustache.The angles and orientation of the grafts placed in the mustache were made to mimic the angles of the hairs on the unaffected part of the mustache. Typically there is a slightly lower growth rate of grafts transplanted into scar tissue, but these patients usually have excellent cosmetic results. Below you can see the pre operative photo and the post operative photo and the immediate difference that is seen with the transplanted grafts present over the scar.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.

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