Today I would like to discuss lowering the hairline in a female patient. This is a procedure that has become more common recently with advances in Hair Restoration techniques and the ability to create density that was previously unattainable. In these cases patients report having a high hairline that has been present for their entire lives. In some cases there is thinning behind the hairline, but more often than not, the high hairline is the only issue. With the ability to transplant single hairs into recipient sites that measure .6mm-.8mm we can create cosmetic density in the hairline that rivals a completely normal hairline. Care is also taken to angle the hairs in the exact angle and orientation of the pre existing hairs so that one should not be able to identify any difference between pre existing native hair and the new transplanted hairs. In the case I am highlighting today, this patient has some thinning in her frontal scalp, which I addressed by transplanting hairs into the thinned out region. However her primary concern was her high hairline that had been present for her entire life. I lowered her hairline by just over a centimeter and kept the same design as her original hairline with the peak in the middle. Notice this patient had a very specific angle to her hair growth in the hairline which I maintained with the new transplanted hair grafts. Below you can see the pre operative photo and the immediate post operative photo that show the grafts placed in the new hairline. I hope this discussion provides some insight into this concept.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.

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