I periodically have physicians come to me from all over the world to spend time learning my techniques and approach to the field of Hair Restoration. I just received a letter from a physician who recently visited with me. This physician has been a practicing Head and Neck Surgeon for 25 years and he is looking to expand his practice to include Hair Restoration. Below is the letter.

Training with Dr. Marc Dauer and staff.
I would describe the week as full immersion . You taught the finest details regarding FUE and strip harvesting … And the transplanting itself is art!

But there was so much more involved.

Seeing you educate the patient (and me) with respect to the advantages and disadvantages of all options was invaluable.

You are confident, kind, empathetic, and engaging. You do not over promise. During the days there, previous patients consistently returned – thrilled with their results.

Your entire staff was outstanding, and patiently demonstrated and explained to me every step and question I had.

What I especially appreciated was the fact that each treatment was tailored to the patient’s specific needs, and not to the surgeon who might have only one single device or technique available.

Thank you for your very comprehensive training, for your friendship, and for your willingness to stay in touch. I would strongly recommend your training to any highly motivated individual.

Chris Peers MD

Goshen Indiana

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