I am often asked what is the best age for a hair transplant? The answer is that this is different for everyone.

In the past 2 days my patient’s ages were 28 and 83. Mt 28 year old patient was just beginning to thin in his hairline region and was requesting increased density to keep up with his recent hair loss.

My 83 year old patient had undergone multiple hair transplant procedures in the past and was requesting additional density in his frontal and mid scalp. He is a very healthy 83 year old taking no medications and with no major medical conditions. He still had good donor supply and was deemed an excellent candidate for an additional hair transplant procedure. I harvested 1000 grafts via the strip method and the hair transplant procedure went very smoothly.

My 28 year old patient had undergone a small hair transplant procedure with another doctor a few years ago and was requesting additional density in the hairline and frontal scalp. He had robust donor supply and his previous hair transplant procedure was performed using the strip harvest procedure. I harvested a new strip, including the old scar (so the patient still has only one scar), and transplanted just over 1500 grafts into the frontal and mid scalp.

So to answer the original question, the best age for a hair transplant can be anywhere from 25-85. It is the time when there is enough thinning in any particular region of the scalp that transplanting hair in between the native hair will lead to an increase in hair density. This is something that must be evaluated by an experienced hair transplant surgeon, but when done properly in the “right” time, this procedure can lead to excellent results.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.