Today I will show a case I was recently sent.  A young child under the age of 10 had an accident and part of the eyebrow and face had a laceration that needed a plastic surgery repair. The plastic surgeon repaired the wound and told the parents that he could correct the defect of missing hair in the eyebrow by transplanting hair into the eyebrow. The photo below shows the results of the eyebrow transplant. Unfortunately the grafts were placed way above the skin causing what is called “cobblestoning” meaning there are bumps throughout the eyebrow because of incorrect placement. In addition, the grafts were placed sticking straight out. Finally, too few grafts were placed to  correct the defect. Bottom line, the result is unsightly and much worse than if nothing at all had been done. This is yet another unfortunate example of a plastic surgeon not respecting the art of eyebrow transplantation and performing a procedure he was not trained in and should have been doing. Unfortunately now there is a problem and the grafts probably need to be removed, the skin resurfaced, and a corrective eyebrow transplant performed.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.

Follicular Graft 12.22 through 2.24.15