Today I want to highlight an article I came across from the UK. A well known athlete Phil Tufnell underwent a hair transplant recently and discussed his experience with the British press. More and more celebrities are discussing their hair transplant experiences allowing people to know that hair transplants are very common amongst the celebrity crowd. In most cases the public never knows if the celebrity has underwent a hair transplant procedure as most tend to keep the information to themselves, and of course we as physicians guard the privacy of our patients extremely closely. Privacy is of the utmost concern in most of these cases. However, when the occasional celebrity decides to go public with their experience it helps to give people a feeling of confidence in the procedure. If someone who makes their living based on their looks is comfortable undergoing a hair transplant, than certainly the average person should feel comfortable that in the “right” hands they can have completely natural results with a hair transplant procedure. I have provided a link to the original article below.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.