Today I will discuss how I harvest my donor strip in patients undergoing their second hair transplant procedure. In almost all cases I include the old donor scar in my new strip in successive procedures so as not to leave the patient with multiple train tracks scars in their donor region. The only exception is the patient who has a wide donor scar and when trying to resect it will not give us enough donor hair for the procedure. This is one more reason why it is imperative that the donor area is treated properly on the initial procedure so that the patient has a small donor scar (between 1-3mm), and it can be excised on successive procedures while harvesting donor hair at the same time. I perform many special nuances in order to minimize the donor scar which include; trichophytic closure, using a thin suture to close as opposed to staples, not using cautery, and not taking too wide a donor strip which can lead to wide scars.
I hope this discussion clarifies the harvest of a donor strip in a successive procedure.
All the best,
Marc Dauer, MD