FUE Eyebrow Transplant In A Male Patient With Scarring Alopecia


Here is a male patient of mine who has a case of LPP which is a form of scarring alopecia. He has lost small patches of scalp hair in no specific distribution secondary to the disease process and he los all his eyebrow hair as well. He previously had an eyebrow tattoo and was disappointed with the look and presented to me for eyebrow transplants.

I explained to the patient that scarring alopecia is a very unpredictable process and that no guarantees could be made as to the success of the eyebrow transplant. Due to the fact that he had scattered patched affected in the scalp I felt our greatest chance of success was to perform the procedure with an FUE harvest and to find unaffected areas of the scalp to harvest the donor hair from.

I personally harvested every follicle using a 0.8mm motorized punch. We only placed single hair grafts into the eyebrows. We placed approximately 270 hairs per eyebrow.

The results here are shown after only 6 months. The patient should see some increased growth over the next 2-3 months.

The patient is beyond thrilled. The lack of eyebrow hair previously was a constant reminder of his disease process and the new eyebrows have given him a new self confidence.

FUE eyebrow transplant

FUE eyebrow transplant

FUE eyebrow transplant