Today I would like to discuss a question that is often posed to me regarding transplanting hair from one individual to another. Unfortunately the bottom line is that is does not work, unless it is from one identical twin to another. I have discussed this concept with a number of prominent hair transplant surgeons, one of whom actually tried to transplant 100 grafts from one individual to another. In the test case it did not work, and I have not spoken to one individual who claims to have had success transplanting from one individual to another. I do have a colleague who recently transplanted hair from one identical twin to another in a rare case where one twin lost hair secondary to radiation exposure for treatment of cancer. The transplant was performed less than 6 months ago, so the final results are not yet in, but preliminary results show good growth of the transplanted hairs in this case.

The holy grail for the field of hair transplant surgery will be the advent of hair cloning where we will be able to send a small sample of any individual’s hair to a lab for multiplication. This will negate the supply and demand imbalance that often exists and will also negate the need to harvest donor follicles either via FUE or FUT. Unfortunately we are many years away from being able to perform this in actual practice, but I have hope that the day will come. Until then, we can continue to harvest donor follicles via FUE or FUT and create impressive natural results in suitable candidates.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, MD