Today I will discuss hairline design in hair transplant procedures. The hairline is one of the most important aspects of the hair transplant procedure as is it the most visible aspect to both everyone looking at the individual from the front, and the individual looking at themselves in the mirror. An unnatural hairline is a giveaway for a bad hair transplant procedure. The goal in a proper hair transplant hairline design is to create a new hairline that looks completely natural and undetectable to the human eye. It cannot look like a good hair transplant. It must look as if nothing has been done and the hair has been there forever. This is the artistic component of the hair transplant procedure. The most important factor in achieving the objective of a natural hairline, is the placement of only single hair grafts in the hairline. Additionally, the hairline must be created in an irregular pattern in order to not to draw any attention to straight lines which do not appear in natural hairlines. Also, the hairline must be created in the proper location (not too low, which can look unnatural as well) and taking into account future hair loss so that enough donor hair is present for future procedures. I always prefer to create a more mature hairline with greater density than a lower hairline that has lower density.

Hairline design is probably the most important aspect of creating a completely natural looking hair transplant. It is a very artistic process and one in which every physician will envision differently. It is of the utmost importance that you choose a physician who is skilled in the art of creating natural hairlines and that you have seen the results to confirm the point.

I will show a few examples of my hairline creations below in order to illustrate the point.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, MD