Today I want to discuss hair transplantation into a mustache scar. This patient was referred to me by a Plastic Surgeon and the patient had the mustache scar for many years and wished to conceal it with hair transplant grafts. I have performed hair transplants into scars all over the face and scalp. It proves very effective in minimizing the appearance of the scar. When scars form, they destroy the hair follicles in that area. When we place hair transplant grafts into the scar it makes the scar appear less noticeable as hair then begins to grow through the scar, like it did before the scar was formed. The growth rate of the hair follicles transplanted into scar is slightly less than hair transplants into normal tissue because of the decreased blood flow present in the scar. In typical healthy tissue we usually see growth rate of transplanted follicles around 90%. When transplanting into scar the growth rate may be somewhere between 70-80%. This still presents with a great opportunity to conceal scars by performing hair transplants into them. I will show the before and after mustache scar photos below and in future blogs I will address scars in other areas where I have performed hair transplants with excellent results.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, MD