I just returned from the International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery annual meeting in Anchorage Alaska. It was an amazing meeting as usual, but this year there were many less attendees which made it even more intimate than ever before. I had the opportunity to meet and re-connect with many of my friends and colleagues and discuss the latest advancements in the field and compare and contrast what others are doing and what seems to be improving the process and results. I definitely took home many new ideas that I plan to implement into my practice ranging from a new low level laser light device I will be offering, to a new storage medium for my hair grafts.

Other things I plan to look into for the future will be Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. I also purchased the new Hair Check system which measures hair mass and I plan on using this on new patients to measure their hair mass prior to initiating treatment and also after treatment has been implemented. This is an amazing new tool which measures hair mass which is an excellent indicator of the amount of hair in any given region on the scalp. I will attach a few photos from the meeting and my day trip excursion to the glaciers.

All the best,
Marc Dauer, MD