I will be appearing on the TV show “The Doctors”  this coming Tuesday October 11 discussing female hair loss and why women seek out hair restoration and hair transplant procedures. On that topic I would like to write some tips I have picked up through the years on ways for women to avoid hair loss.

1) Limit the use of pony tails or hair ties. If you are going to tie your hair up in any fashion make sure that there is not too much traction applied to the hair and that you do not leave on a hair tie for long periods. Under no circumstances should you sleep with ties in your hair. Traction on the hair may cause it to fall out and the damage in some instances can be permanent.

2) Avoid hair coloring and tinting formulas that contain ammonia. Ammonia can be damaging to hair and the scalp and can cause permanent hair loss.

3) Avoid using excessive direct heat to your hair while blow drying. Try and keep the setting on warm as opposed to hot.

4) Avoid rubbing your scalp as repeated rubbing can cause permanent damage to the scalp.

5) Do not wash your hair too often especially if you are in a shedding period where you are losing more hair than usual.

These little tips may be useful to avoid hair loss and to minimize hair loss in individuals undergoing an active loss period.

I hope they are helpful.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.