Today I will discuss the importance of keeping the hair transplant grafts moist during and after the hair transplant procedure. It is imperative that the grafts are kept moist throughout the procedure as drying out of the grafts is one of the most common causes of poor growth. To that extent, my nurses are constantly spraying the grafts as they dissect them under the microscope, the grafts are submerged in saline before and after dissection, and my nurses use small “ring dishes” that have saline in them and allow the grafts to stay submerged in the saline even after they are taken out of the petri dish, but just before they are implanted.

Post hair transplant procedure, I give all my patients a specially formulated copper peptide solution that they use to spray the grafts every 4-6 hours to keep them moist, and I also cover the grafts in a generous amount of vaseline that functions to keep them moist and create an anaerobic environment which minimizes any possibility of infection.

All these steps contribute to great survival rates and thus great growth rates of the transplanted hair follicles.

I have included photos of the copper peptide solution and the graft ring dish holders below.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.

Copper Peptide Spray Graft Ring Holder