Here is an email  I recently received form a patient of mine who I performed an eyebrow transplant procedure on, and her husband received a scalp hair transplant from me.

Husband and wife patients are becoming more common in my practice and it’s always gratifying to hear their feedback.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.

Husband & wife grow hair together thanks to Dr. Dauer!

I’ve been encouraging my husband for 10 years to get hair transplants. After seeing Dr. Dauer’s results in hair transplant photos I knew he was the Doctor for my husband.

The procedure was exactly how Doc explained, he was completely professional and thorough, he said that his hair would start growing within 4 months following the hair procedure and with much anticipation it did! His results were so spectacular that I decided to go in and have my eyebrows done!

Yes, Doc Dauer does eye brow transplants, lots of them from what I understand, I was sick of spending thousands of dollars with professional brow specialists & brow pencils trying to help my brows grow. There is NOTHING on the market that helped me, I tried it all, revita lash/brow, lattice, to name a few, Doc said that due to over plucking when I was younger and weak eye brows in general, all played a part in loss of eye brow hair growth over the years. After the procedure I was swollen for a few days, so I just wore sunglasses, the swelling went down immediately and within 4 months, I have full, gorgeous, model eye brows, my brow hair grows so fast I can hardly keep up with trimming! I threw out my brow pencils, brow color and haven’t been back to an expensive “brow specialist” since. I have recommended Dr. Dauer to EVERYONE I know.