Here is a patient who came to me after having undergone 2 previous trip harvest procedures from another local physician. He decided he was done with the strip harvest procedure and wanted to have an FUE procedure. When I shaved the scalp to perform FUE his precious strip scars were clearly visible and also demonstrated how his previous physician had created “stacked scars” in certain locations instead of including the old strip scar in the new incision.

This is against the 10 commandments of hair transplant surgery.

In every instance of a patient having another strip harvest hair transplant procedure after having one prior, the previous scar should be removed.

If the previous scar is too wide or the scalp too tight FUE should be considered.

NEVER should a physician create a stacked scar, which in reality just creates  one huge scar.

This is a prime example of what not to do and is either laziness or ignorance on the part of the hair transplant surgeon who did this.

On this procedure the patient was primarily concerned with creating density in the frontal scalp, but after seeing these photos, the patient has decided in the future to have me place FUE grafts into these scars to help cover them.

Just another example of why it is imperative to do thorough research prior to choosing your hair transplant surgeon.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.

bad hair transplant strip scar

bad hair transplant strip scar

bad hair transplant strip scar

bad hair transplant strip scar