The temporal peaks in both males and females are an important characteristic in hairline design and create and youthful aesthetic appearance. It is always important to keep in mind the overall donor supply in making the decision to restore the temporal peaks. One must also understand  that patients with curly hair will have a more noticeable difference to the character of the typically finer and straight temporal hair. Also, it is important the primarily single hair follicles are utilized.

This patient has abundant donor supply and wished to have his temporal peaks restored. He received approximately 150 grafts per temporal peak via FUE. Finer hairs from the inferior aspect of his occipital region were used to recreate the naturally finer temporal hair. He should see some additional density over the next 6 months, but he is already thrilled with his results.

All the best,

FUE Hair Transplant To Temporal Peaks

FUE Hair Transplant To Temporal Peaks

Marc Dauer, M.D.