Here is a letter I just received from a patient of mine who decided not to proceed with his hair transplant procedure.

I hope you enjoy reading.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, M.D.

Dr. Dauer:

This letter is a bit different than those you receive from patients who have undergone procedures. I have read testimonials given by others on your website and fully appreciate their words. While I think they are of great value, my experience with you, I think, adds to their comments as to your professionalism, dedication to your craft and concern for your patients. It is said that people show their true character under adverse circumstances. If so, I believe the following serves as an excellent example of the kind of doctor and person you are.

Before visiting you, I had been to a well-known clinic as well as a renowned plastic surgeon to consider my options. Frankly, at our initial contact, you were so engaging, it kind of caught me off guard. It became obvious from that meeting you were going to be the guy! During my consult, you couldn’t have been more personable or informative. There was no sales pitch or pressure put upon me. You freely gave of your time and encouraged me to ask questions (of which I had many). You made it clear that it was a personal determination and your goal was to educate me, answer my questions and provide me with whatever information was available so that I could make an intelligent decision. You thoughtfully and thoroughly described the procedures and what I might expect from them. I couldn’t have asked for a better explanation of what was involved. You also created a comfort level that made me feel as if I was talking to a nonjudgmental friend, someone whom I could confide and trust in what was, for me, a very difficult choice.

My procedure was scheduled for Monday morning. That Sunday night, for personal reasons, I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t the right time for me to undergo a transplant. I dreaded the thought of the conversation that would take place the next morning.  I was bitterly conflicted- I couldn’t sleep! I knew that you had arranged your schedule so as to be able to devote the entire day to my procedure and I figured (correctly) that it would be too late for you to call off those who would assist you. When we met, I couldn’t believe your empathy and understanding, most particularly when I spoke of my reservations and apprehensions. You were the consummate professional. Although I know you must have been greatly disappointed, you patiently listened to what I had to say and made it clear that if I was less than completely ready and comfortable with undergoing the procedure, we wouldn’t do it that day. This meant that, in essence, you wound up eating a full day’s work and virtually your entire fee. Your compassion and class was extraordinary! Through no fault of yours, I actually felt as if I was letting you down, not because of any pressure applied upon me (quite the contrary), but rather because your were so gracious about it- that goes for your staff as well, who couldn’t have been nicer or more congenial, even after I delivered the bad news.

Your kindness and consideration did not go unnoticed. I consider myself lucky to have found you. I can’t imagine anyone having handled this situation at significant personal expense, with any greater compassion and understanding. Hopefully, the time will come when I’ll be ready to go forward, make the move and have the opportunity to comment upon your skills much like others have done.

You put your patient’s concerns and best interests above personal financial benefit and convenience. I felt the very least I could do was memorialize how grateful I am for the way you handled the situation and give others the benefit of my thoughts. If they are looking for someone to perform hair restoration who truly cares about his or her patients, they couldn’t find a better doctor and, just as importantly, a better person.


Stu Glovin