There are many precautions that I advise my patients of post hair transplant procedures, and I give all my patients thorough instructions outlining these in detail. One precaution that is not as obvious but just as important is to watch your head getting in and out of cars and around other objects that are around your height. Because of the fact that your scalp is typically numb for a period of days to weeks after the procedure, there is some difficulty gauging the exact location of your scalp in relation to other objects. For this reason it is very common to hit your head by mistake and this can cause minor irritation to the transplanted grafts or major irritation if hit hard. It is very important to be extremely careful getting in and out of cars, in and out of the shower, and any other place that you can possibly hit your head. Keeping your head safe post hair transplant will keep your grafts safe and will lead to great growth of your new hair.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, MD