Today I want to demonstrate an interesting case I just treated. This patient had 3 previous procedures with other physicians in the past and presented requesting more density and dissatisfaction with his donor scars from his previous procedures. On examination what I saw was 3 different strip scars from the previous Hair Transplants in different areas, and in some areas a large scar from the coalescing of the multiple scars. In my patients, I always include the old donor scar in the new incision when a patient comes back for more grafts. It is only in very rare cases (an example would be someone who has a very wide donor scar from a previous procedure) that I will take a fresh swath from a new area. The reason for taking out the old scar is so that you don’t end up with train track scars throughout the donor region. Also, multiple smaller scars can coalesce to form larger scars which can then become difficult to conceal with shorter hair. This patient had very elastic scalp which allowed me to take out all the old scars and create one new fine scar. In addition, I was able to get a good amount of donor hair from the sides, which had not yet been harvested from. I will demonstrate this patient’s photos below (pre procedure and 12 days later) and I look forward to showing his photos in 6-9 months when the area is even more healed than it is now, but in these photos you can see an appreciable difference already.

All the best,

Marc Dauer, MD

Multiple Strip Scars From Previous Hair Transplant Procedures

Post Hair Transplant and Scar Revision

Multiple Strip Scars From Previous Hair Transplant

After Scar Revision During Hair Transplant Procedure